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There is still a lot left for FIFA 18 to launch, but the first news and rumors are starting to appear. EA Sports would launch at the end of September, date still unconfirmed. Everything indicates that the 26 of September would be leaving to the "field".

The producer has already revealed that there will be a second season of The Journey - El Camino - in FIFA 18, the innovative story mode that debuted last year and marked a real success in the football video game franchise - although particularly left me with flavor to Little to last only a season. It is known that the new delivery adds players in this new season, with new characters and new stories.

They also confirmed that there will be new and innovative gaming experiences, including a new Ultimate Team, in addition to confirming that the new EA Sports will also be released for Nintendo's new "Nintendo Switch".

So far, everything we know came from the offices of EA Sports, but the first rumors are starting to appear.

One of the strongest that begins to circulate, is the Dynamic Climate . Frostbite came to light in FIFA17 and now seek to squeeze their full potential within the franchise. The dynamic climate will not only be a visual aspect, but will greatly influence the playability and performance of our players with astuce fifa 18.

The second rumor that started to run was that EA Sports would be adding the Chinese Super League. It was for a photo and a "humor" of Alex Teixeira in his Instagram. Everything indicated that the ultra-millionaire China League would be part of FIFA 18.

And the other rumor, more than a rumor, is a request. A group of 1500 people are making a request for EA Sports to include Online Race Mode. This is similar to the online franchise mode of Madden 2017. Surely an online career with friends would increase exponentially the useful level of the game, especially for all those that the FUT (Ultimate Team) does not seem attractive without the use of free fifa 18 coins, and that The Journey Is a content that soon becomes empty.

At the moment this is all that is known of FIFA18. Words more, words less, we hope that this year FIFA 18 sum up an attractive career mode, with several improvements. There is much to add in the offline modes of the game, and a spin to innovate in the ultimate team.

Will EA Sports be up to it?

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August 12, 2017 — 9:00 am to
June 20, 2018 — 6:07 pm

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